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Last updated 13 May, 2006
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Sub Ordinaries


An escutcheon is a shield in the centre of the shield on the fess point.


An orle is a bordure which is inside the edge of the shield instead of being on the edge.


A tressure is like the orle but is very narrow and sometimes doubled. Tressures are sometimes ornamented with fleur-de-lys and are then described as flory.


A canton is a small quarter normally in the dexter chief.

Heraldry - Canton


Flanches normally appears as a pair and are curved indentations into the side of the shield.


A lozenge is a diamond. A field covered with lozenges is described as lozengy


A mascle is a lozenge voided of the field which means it has the centre cut out to show the underlying field.


A rustre is a lozenge with a circular hole cut out to show the underlying field. If the circular shape is any other colour than the field then it becomes a lozenge charged with a roundel of the appropriate colour.


A fusil is an elongated lozenge which is taller than it is wide.


A fret is a mascle with two ribands crossing it and passing over and under each other. A field covered with ribands passing over and under each other is described as fretty. A trellis consists of bendlets that do not pass over and under each other but all the dexter bendlets pass over the sinister bendlets. If they are nailed with a different colour this is described as cloue (eg “trellis gules cloue or” is red bendlets with gold nails at the intersections)


A billet is a small rectangular shape. If the field is covered with billets, it is described as billette


A roundel is a round shape. It has different names depending on its colour.
A plate is a roundel argent.
A bezant is a roundel or
A fountain is a roundel barry wavy azure and argent
A torteau is a roundel gules
A hurt is a roundel azure
A pomme is a roundel vert (pl. pomeis)
A pellet is a roundel sable
A golpe is a roundel purpure
A guze is a roundel sanguine
An orange is a roundel tenne


The gyron is one of the eight segments of the gyronny.