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Last updated 14 May, 2006
Points of the shield

The shield

The shield (or the field) is divided into points, which are used as references for the position of whatever is placed there.

The top of the shield is termed the chief, its bottom the base; the left side (from the viewers's perspective)is termed the dexter; and the right is termed the sinister. Note that this is the opposite of what might be expected but they are actually named from the shield holders point of view rather than the observers.

The center of the shield is its fess point. Above that is the honour point and below the fess is the nombril point.

The nine points on the shield by which objects may be located are:


A. Dexter chief
B. Middle chief
C. Sinister chief
D. Honour point
E. Fess point
F. Nombril point
G. Middle base
H. Dexter base
I. Sinister base

Shield position names


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