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Last updated 13 May, 2006

The following terms are used to describe heraldic colours. They show the proper name for the colour, its normal abbreviation, english equivalent, representation in black and white print and an example. Note there is no exact colour for any of the heraldic colours, and so they can vary. See also furs and metals for other "colours" used in heraldry.


  Name Abbrv. English Black and white representation  
  Gules Gu. red Vertical lines Gules shield
  Azure Az. blue Horizontal lines Azure shield
  Sable   black Horizontal and Vertical lines crossing to form tiny squares. Black shield
  Vert Vert green Lines in bend (running top left to bottom right) Green shield
  Purpure Purp. purple Lines in bend sinister (running top right to bottom left) Purple shield

There are two other colours or stains which only appear infrequently

Tenne   Tawny   Tawny shield

Shade of red


  Sanguine shield


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